Another World

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High resolution remake of an arcade classic


  • Updated graphics still look cool
  • Very atmospheric


  • Very frustrating
  • Demo is too short

Not bad

Another World was one of the most memorable games of the 16-bit era. It was unique at the time, with it's lonely, stark atmosphere and cool polygonal graphical style.

Another World is a 2D puzzle game with a lot of depth. The controls are simple, but what they do depends on where your character is - the same button might control both running and swimming. Another World begins with a great cinematic sequence that really draws you into the game, which is a high resolution version of the original 1991 classic.

There isn't much modern about Another World's gameplay. it doesn't scroll, so you play from screen to screen. There is no explanation of what you have to do, and a lot of you time will be spent working that out. Death is extremely common, and often it's not your fault as you couldn't have predicted what would happen on the first try.

While it is still really stylish and atmospheric enough to make you want to play, Another World is incredibly frustrating. There is no freedom, so you are forced do things a certain way or you won't succeed. Anyone who played the original game will probably forgive all this, but to newcomers it seems extremely unkind!

Another World will always be a classic, but even updating the graphics can't hide the brutally hard and inflexible gameplay. Perhaps it was better left in gaming history!

After a failed experiment and a strange explosion, a young scientist travels to a strange world where nothing is as it seems and every object is a potentially lethal creature!

Fifteen years after the original, Another World has been picked up, polished off and released to the gaming public once again. The graphics have been tweaked to enhance the overall look and feel of the game but anyone who was familiar with the original, will instantly be able to pick it up and play with the same simple control system that helped to make this one of the classic games of the past.

Another World


Another World Demo

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